Smartshield Privacy Tag

Recover Your Valuables with our Safe and Secure Innovative Solution

Lost items can be a major inconvenience, causing stress and anxiety. But with our Smart Shield Tag, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings can be easily returned to you. Our tags allow a way to recover your items securely and safely without exposing your personal details.

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Our Smart Shield Tags are durable, customizable, and secure way to tag your luggage, briefcase, phone, keys, and more. With an private code or QR code, your personal information remains safe, while the finder can contact you securely and safely to return your lost items.

logo-img Without SmartShieldId - Personal information exposed and can be easily viewed making it a privacy issue.
logo-img With SmartShieldID - With the SmartShieldID your private information is not visible and secures your identity.

Why SmartShieldId?

Create a way to recover lost items safely and securely.

  • Tough and durable
  • Tag identified and scanned or looked up on site
  • Sends secure message of item found to owner
  • Owner gets notification and can communicate securely in portal
  • Schedule pickup at secure location: airport, city building, police station, etc.
  • Send an optional reward donation to those who found the item
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